Marine Group Spare Part

Teknik Bilgiler Coverage7.5 m²/lt Pack size750ml

Seajet 017 Epoxy Bonding Primer


Seajet 017 Epoxy Bonding Primer for Alloys is a two component primer. This primer is suitable for above and below the waterline. Recommended as first primer for aluminium, alloys and bronze. Superior performance compared to etching primer. Available in white.


  • Suitable for all areas of the boat

Teknik Bilgiler


Coverage 8.4m² p/lt
Pack size 1lt
Suitable for Propellors, stern gear, fibreglass, ferrocement, steel, aluminium, cast iron and lead keels.
Substrates Steel Aluminium Cast-Iron Lead Bronze
Dry film thickness (DFT) 47μm
Volume Solids 47%